Cinnabar Games is a small independent game development Studio based in the heart of The Hague, Netherlands. All games are solo projects that have been completed by only one developer and huge support from the players.

The aim is to bring games with interesting scenarios where a player learns to make decisions. Most games focus on managing characters and how they progress through the world.

One of the values of Cinnabar Games is to maintain fairness and respecting the sovereignty of the player. An example is to make in-game purchases optional, features can be unlocked just by playing and not pushing advertisement when they haven’t asked for it.

About the name

The name Cinnabar Games was derived from the crystal Cinnabar. Cinnabar is mainly known as the source for harvesting mercury or quicksilver. As Cinnabar is a crystals, it symbolizes a pure ingredient in alchemy to create the metaphorical Gold. For me the real gold is wisdom. As Mercury is closely connected as the messenger, Cinnabar Games aims to bring and awaken the inner Wisdom of players.


Updates, progress and  news of upcoming games can be followed here!