2016: what is new.

Looking back

Just wanted to share a few things for the upcoming year. But before looking forward, I also want to look backwards. In 2015 Hunter legacy has been released after an estimated 9 months development time. By the end of 2015, almost 30.000 people downloaded the game. The game got an average rating of 4/5. This I consider pretty good, since there was almost no marketing involved. So what can happen with good marketing?? And what is good marketing really? By the end of the year time has also been spend on business development, researching and something else which I explain later. But for now, let’s focus a bit more on Hunter Legacy.

Hunter legacy

Why some of you noticed that a few things has been changed over the year. Better IU, the market, more contents, less bugs and a lot of things in the background. This should help me to introduce more content more easily. Some content creation have already been started. In the icon a preview of one of the new creatures can be seen. Fear not more is to come. More will be improved and more features will be added. Things like more levels, creatures, enemies, base upgrades, push messages and some background stuff like analytics, stability etc. I also feel that for every introduction of an new enemy, also a new item or weapon will be introduced. This should create of more balanced gameplay, and the player has more opportunities to customize their own play-style. Oh yeh, enemies will be more darker, have feats and thus harder… Since a lot more will be done in area of marketing I’ll be posting more often previews of new content. Be sure to check facebook and twitter.


New game!?

I also want announce that a new game is in development. Not much can be told yet. What I can say, that it is in space, has simulation elements and lots of customization’s.

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