A new game: Tiny Space Program

As some already noticed, a new game has been in development for some time now. Since it is now in official open Beta in the Netherlands, it is time to tell what it is about.

Tiny Space Program is a game were you run a space company from you mobile phone. You send rockets (with a spaceship on top) to moons and planets. Of course you brings some astronauts with you to conduct experiments, explore places and to establish outposts. You can’t send ships to all corners to the galaxy (yet) and you have to start with location more nearby like our Moon and Mars. When you progress through the game, you will have more place and see, unlock more ships and more deepened experience.

In its current state of developmentĀ not all features areĀ available and there is ton of game-play features and optimization features I want to implement. But from a game-design perspective I want to provide a few layers of game-play you can expect.

  • The main game flow will resolve around building and sending ships to explore planet and moons. Starting in our solar system and in some future update even going interstellar.
  • The second layer will be specializing on types of quest and missions. Roughly divided into “Space Tourism”, “Research and Development” and “Space Industry”. This still needs to be fleshed out though.
  • And the third layer will resolve around optimization with high a experienced crew to conduct specialized missions. As well this needs to be added in a future update.

I’ll be posting more updates on my social media channels, mostly facebook and twitter. So please follow me there if you want to stay updated.

Finally, if you want early access to the game if it is not available in your country, send me an email to info@cinnabargames.com with your google-play email account so I can add you to my closed alpha access list.

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