Current State of Hunter Legacy

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Hunter legacy has been out for a few months. A lot of bugs have been fixed, and a lot of balancing has been done. It was not the easiest time though. Hunter Legacy had a lot of problems on ios, and while in contrast there was an identical version available on android that had good user reviews. I thought, because of the sheer amount of available devices for android, android would give me the hardest time, but it did not. Maybe it was because ios was tested the most. But lessons learned. Always be ready to fix things and things don’t go the way you plan it.

So where do we stand now? At this time, the android version has been downloaded more then 10.000 times with an average rating of 3,75 out of 5. The ios version has been downloaded 6.200 times and has an average rating 3,5 star rating out of 5. I’m confident that the reviewscore I have now is good enough to start a good marketing campaign. I’m already investing a lot of time in researching this and will means that some new content updates will take more time.┬áBut already have a content update in testing phase, so I hope to launch it in a week or two. Since I’m new to marketing I’m not really sure how much time it will take.

For those who want to help? Please tell you friends, family, websites, facebook, twitter etc that my game is out there! It will help me tremendous.
Also if you have good ideas, please send them to I plan to make many updates with new enemies, features, weapons, buildings, props, characters, rankings, achievements and much more.

Some new expected enemies.