Hunter legacy

You inherited a plot of land from you ancestors. Now you need to rebuild it! To do so you go out on adventures to gather loot and resources. Go through forests, mountains, caves and plains to find epic weapon blueprints and building materials. Defeat animals, orcs, goblins, undead and become an awesome hunter worthy of the family legacy.

As a player you give orders on what your character needs to do. Equip the right kind of weapons and armour for the quest at hand. You can choose out of 36 different attacks to guarantee you survival and victories!

Beware though, since this game has perma-death. If your character loses all his health-points, doesn’t eat or drink, he will die. Make sure you have enough food and water left so your character survives when you are gone.


– 200 + different face combinations
– farming
– 18 ranged attacks
– 18 melee attacks
– Base-building
– Trophy hats
– Item & potion crafting
– Owl mentor
– in-depth stamina mechanism
– semi perma death
– lots of items!

Tiny Space Program

With Tiny Space Program you run a space company from your mobile phone. It is a simulator where you will be engaged in the construction of spaceships and space exploration. Imagine that you are a billionaire who decided to invest in a space company.

You can manage, research and build new space ships in a short time. Explore the outer space, mine on different planets and moons, organize long-term expeditions to other planets.

Your astronauts will conduct experiments, explore places and establish outposts, collect useful data for science, and search for resources. An expedition can take a long time, so don’t forget constantly provide it with new materials, fuel, and other useful improvements.