Starting a game company

For some time now, I was doing some minor programming and testing out how to make a game and I found out this is nice thing to do! I did this with Game-Maker, a most powerful tool, which gave a lot of opportunities to make games fast and even the option to export them to multiple platforms(like IOS, Android, Mac, pc etc). With my personal background in architecture, I could also channel my creativity and design urges. But not only that, I really like the connection between beta and alpha stuff. But most of all, I like making something out of nothing and make it come to life!

The idea of starting a game company arose when I was working for an IT Firm as an account manager. Doing sales was a bit shallow. I felt that I wanted a more technical kind of work. Sales can be nice and have learned a lot from it, but was to superficial, non multidisciplinary and not deep enough for me. Then I saw a possibility for change where I could make from a hobby a professional career and perusing the adventure of entrepreneur. I’m young, don’t have much to lose and will probably regret in my life long if I don’t take these opportunities. So I started a game company!

Next steps.

I made a decision and a long list of things to do and questions emerged. Things like: Name your company, finances?, feasible game idea’s?, profit models?, planning?, how to code?, do people like the things I like?, work area?, personal support?, scenarios and strategies and so many more things. But to be honest, I had already had the ideas how to tackle most of them. I only had to work them out more in detail. There were however some mayor boundaries. The biggest: personal finance, I only have 3-4 months left of savings to make something, then I run dry. So the starting foundation was:

– working with Game-Maker
– working from home
– a game that could be modular expanded
– a game aimed at IOS devices and later Android devices.
– a game that could be launched in 3-4 months.


Based on my personal preferences I also found a few values/design-concepts important. I don’t like the Free-2-Play model developers are using, but I like playing a game for free! Golden bullets, pay to win, long annoying commercials is not my cup of tea. But if the consumer wants something for free, he should make a compromise. Nonetheless my first game will be free!! I came up with a nice and honest hybrid model. More on this, later is future posts.

Game development can pose high risks. You don’t know if people will like and how it will be received.  My idea of starting a good solid, but basic, game that could be easily upgraded with new features, new content and new game-play will give the opportunity to launch games faster and adjust them based on user feedback.