Cinnabar Games Facts

Founded in februari 2014 by Jerry Neimann,
Located in The Hague Netherlands.
Consists of 1 indie developer.


twitter: @Cinnabargames


Cinnabar games started in the year 2014 by Jerry Neimann. After working some time as Account Manager at an IT Firm, he came to the conclusion this wasn’t the thing he wanted to do. He took matters in his own hand, quit his job to pursue a whole different path. With no money, resources and meager programming skill, but with passion, excitement and motivation he started a game company named Cinnabar Games.


After a long year of struggle his first game “Hunter Legacy” was finished. Tons of more upgrades are still planned. For information about future game releases from Cinnabar Games, be sure to subscribe on twitter and facebook for previews and teasers.