Founded in Feb 2014
Based in the Netherlands
Developer: Jerry Neimann.



website: www.cinnabargames.com
twitter: @Cinnabargames
facebook: facebook.com/CinnabarGames
mail: info@cinnabargames.com

Tiny Space Program: here
Hunter Legacy here


Cinnabar Games is an independent game studio that is run by only one person, Jerry Neimann.

Start of Cinnabar Games

Cinnabar games started in the year 2014 by Jerry Neimann. After working some time as Account Manager at an IT Firm, he came to the conclusion this wasn’t the thing he wanted to do. He took matters in his own hand, quit his job to pursue a whole different path. With no money, resources and no programming experience, but with passion, excitement and motivation he started a game company named Cinnabar Games.

About the DEV 

As an indie developer, you always want to be sure you’re building something that the market is looking forward to. It is always a big challenge especially if it is your first project. Shortage of time and lack of money were not helping either. Therefore the idea for the first game was to build it over the course of a year to see if all the effort was worth it.

The first game release brought quite a few positive reviews and comments. It even reached a milestone of 1500 downloads within a day. Not bad for the first project, is not it? Tons of upgrades were still planned, and many were delivered. The game was downloaded over 250.000 times.

The one-year commitment paid off in the end but apart from good reviews and a decent amount of installations Hunter Legacy was not generating enough money. It was a logical decision to make a new game, applying all the skills and knowledge that was gained. At the end of 2017 after considering many potential directions, the game Tiny Space Program had the best feel. 

TSP went out of pre-production in 2018 and remained there for almost 1.5 years. Hard work and the ability to make prompt decisions made it possible to release the game in February this year. Which turned out to be very good timing. A little more than six months have passed since the release and Tiny Space Program has already reached a milestone of 1.3 M installations. 

Looking to the future and planning to release more games. to scale up. 

Tiny Space Program

It was time for a new challenge. A game that would be better in all aspect and was easier to expand an upgrade from. After considering many potential directions, the game Tiny Space Program had the best feel and was the logical chose. Tiny Space Program is currently in development, but is available for Beta users on android only. It has been downloaded almost 300k times in pre-production and since the launch in Feb-2020 achieved over 1,3M downloads.

Hunter Legacy

The first game was Hunter Legacy. After a long year of struggle and learning everything that was need to be learned, the first game “Hunter Legacy” was due for release. Tons of upgrades were still planned, and many were delivered. It was downloaded over 250.000 times.


Tiny Space Program

Hunter Legacy